Types of Cleaning Jobs in Feltham & Telford

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Extra Personnel are experts in finding cleaning Jobs in Feltham and Telford that meet your needs. Our cleaning recruitment services are used widely by a range of clients for cleaning jobs in the Telford area and cleaning jobs in the Feltham area.

shops, offices, warehouses, factories, hotels, the leisure industry and other commercial businesses. This means you get a wide range of choice when you look for work with us.

Cleaning Jobs Telford

Telford is just outside Birmingham and has a lot to offer with a wide range of shops, leisure activities and businesses. We have cleaning jobs in Telford across a broad range of roles including:

Office cleaners – Working within the office environment, this role can work well if you’d like flexible work. Usually required in either mornings or evenings to ensure the office environment is clean, tidy and free from waste. This will include the office areas, toilets, hallways and kitchens and include tasks such as emptying bins, hoovering, cleaning toilets and dusting. In some offices, you may be required to be a key holder which adds an extra level of responsibility.

Factory and Warehouse Cleaners – Working in a busy industrial environment, your role will be more hands-on and involve keeping the warehouse or factory areas tidy, keeping machines clean, keeping kitchen and toilet areas clean and well stocked. You will need to have a good awareness of health and safety as you could be working in a hazardous area. An interesting and challenging role that brings lots of job satisfaction.

Cleaner for entertainment venues – Other cleaning jobs in Telford includes working in pubs, restaurants and leisure venues such as sports halls. You’ll often be on site whilst the business is in operation, so a strong level of customer service is required. You’ll need high standards of health and safety, and will be responsible for ensuring both the public and the non-public areas of the business are clean, tidy and meet health and safety requirements. This can be a fun and busy environment to work in.

Cleaning Jobs Feltham

There are lots of cleaning jobs in Feltham, part-time, so there’s an opportunity for you to earn a second income or work whilst you’re studying as well as full-time work easily.

Housekeepers – We have lots of housekeeping roles within the hotel industry. The role includes stripping bed linen, making beds, cleaning rooms and returning them to a high standard as well as working quickly and efficiently

Retail cleaning jobs – Working in a retail environment, often both when the shop is closed and when it’s open for business, your role as a cleaner is to ensure everything looks as great as possible so customers will want to come in and buy. Ensuring any public toilets are clean and well stocked, kitchen areas are tidy and clean, shop floors are spotless, with no rubbish, and they aren’t dirty. This is an interesting role where you’ll get to work with people directly as well.

We have a wide range of other cleaning jobs. This is just a range of our roles. When you work for Extra Personnel we find a job that suits you, meets your needs and is flexible and enjoyable. We offer a wide range of benefits including a pension scheme, high street and holiday vouchers and weekly pay

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