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Extra Automotive is a specialist division of Extra Personnel and focuses solely on automotive recruitment. Our specialised, dedicated account managers talk your language, understand the market and know what our clients are looking for. We make sure that we match the job requirement with the right candidate.

We’re 100% dedicated to the automotive market – recruiting and providing production Flexi-Workers to OEMs supplying large vehicle manufacturers.

As a national division of Extra Personnel we specialise exclusively in the automotive market. Our client base has grown steadily as our reputation has spread from one site to the next. 

We tailor a bespoke recruitment process to meet the specific needs of each individual site. Created following in depth analyses, job and site specific tests are created for candidate selection.

Pre-assignment training and induction – again highly specific both to the site and the job and including quality awareness, health and safety site – makes sure that every candidate is fully prepared and ready for work.

Because we directly employ the people we supply, we retain all the responsibility and employment liability – while you stay in control of the numbers you want with all the flexibility you need.

And we make sure we stay responsive to changing demand – keeping key skills available even through shutdowns and being able to meet an immediate need for a new Flexi-Worker.

Our vision is simple. We want to create an environment where all the clients we work with are confident to rely on us exclusively to fulfil all their recruitment needs.


We’ve all seen how easy it is for account managers to get distracted by having to hunt for new business – to the detriment of the clients they’re supposed to be looking after.

So we do things differently. Our dedicated, specialised account managers don’t have to sell, they’re there to look after you – living and breathing your business and giving you the best possible service.

Trained in business improvement techniques working to a disciplined, data-driven approach and methodology, they concentrate on closely understanding the roles they need to fill, interviewing candidates, recruiting the right Flexi-Workers and managing them effectively.

Most important of all, they work to the KPIs that matter most. Yours.

  • Ensuring Quality

    We share your aim of providing faultless parts to vehicle manufacturers. So our approach to ensuring the highest quality starts with our Lean and Six Sigma black belt specialists spending time with you on site. They’ll analyse every component of the job we’re recruiting for, the standard operating procedures, the skills required and its impact – including any past concerns or issues. Armed with this understanding we’ll then build highly specific tests – from Munsell Hue to dexterity testing – to support our rigorous, bespoke selection and training process.

  • Ensuring Compliance

    We’ll start by understanding your ethos, your values and your behaviours – mirroring them closely in how we select, train and manage. Compliance is also an integral part of our pre-assignment induction and training – including standard operating procedures, awareness of terms like poka yoke, and every aspect of your health and safety policies from the safe disposal of waste to manual handling. And we’ll continue to monitor compliance on the job…

  • Process Understanding

    We aim to make 100% sure that the Flexi-Workers we recruit and provide arrive not only fully ready for work, but familiar with the language and expectations of the automotive industry. So we share our understanding of Lean, Six Sigma, Kanban, JIT, continuous improvement and 5S – running pre-employment training and organising signage and meetings around these and similar concepts. It’s just one of the many ways that our Flexi-Workers are more suited to their environment, know what to expect before arriving on the shop floor, pick the job up more easily, avoid any negative impact and get up to speed fast.

  • Continuous Improvement

    From the moment you involve us, we’ll work hard to explore and understand any areas of perceived weakness in the way that any individual job is currently carried out. Our improved service offer will include recommendations on possible improvements – anything from better induction and training to more effective performance management. And once we’re working for you, we’ll carry on taking every opportunity to evolve and continuously improve. There’s no sitting back. We’ll work alongside your management team to find new ways to improve productivity and efficiency, bring in new innovations, and reduce attrition rates and waste. Just one of the ways we do this is through a league table of benchmarked results that shines a light on performance levels, training/development needs and key skills to maintain or transfer.

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“Extra Automotive's approach is both industry & site specific, It is completely tailored to our needs. They have consistently proven to be the most efficient & cost effective supplier. I would have no hesitation in recommending their service to any potential customer.”
Production Manager
“Extra Automotive's have consistently delivered the services promised to each site ensuring a cost effective, compliant & efficient service.The site specific recruitment processes have had without doubt a significant impact on quality.”
HR Director
“Extra Automotive's onsite team have ensured that we have the right level of Agency workers in place, on time and with minimum disruption. We see the onsite team is an extension to the existing Operations and HR team and we ensure an excellent level of communication is maintained.”
HR Manager
“We have worked with Extra Automotive for over 5 years and they have always been able to provide me with a high calibre of temporary labour. They do not believe in the ‘bums on seats’ ethos that so many other temporary labour agencies so and put each candidate through rigorous testing before bringing them to us.”
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