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At Extra Personnel we have the best industrial recruitment services in Walsall. Our professional and welcoming team are experts in industrial recruitment and are ready to help you find staff or work in this sector, fast. Our Walsall office is in the centre of the town to make it easy to find us.

Why Choose us?

When choosing an industrial recruitment agency in Walsall, you have plenty of choices. If you want the best support to find staff or work fast, then we are the people to trust! Our dedicated team of consultants work closely with a range of businesses in the region to source work opportunities for our applicants. This has allowed us to develop superb personal relationships with many of the top companies to provide incredible results. We are very proud of the way we work with both clients and applicants to meet the needs of both.

As the Walsall industrial recruitment agency to count on, we have a vast knowledge of every industrial business we work with. This is essential to the unique way in which we operate as it allows us to tailor the staffing solutions we offer, based on what we have observed and discussed. Our standards are kept sky-high at all times to make sure you always get the best service and best results for your organisation’s staffing needs.

When you let Extra Personnel help, you can rely on the best industrial recruitment agency in Walsall to come to the rescue.

Quality industrial recruitment Walsall

Our varied range of clients includes businesses from all across the industrial recruitment spectrum. From small start-ups who need some help to larger companies that encompass huge processing facilities, we deal with it all. Whatever size or type of industrial business you run, our talented consultants will work with you to meet your staffing needs. This involves listening carefully to what you want in staff so we can find the perfect people for you.

As part of our staffing strategy, we will carry out thorough interviews with each applicant to fully know their skills and experience. Naturally, we only hire the most honest, hard-working and reliable applicants to help your staffing levels. Our perfect candidate must have a positive, can-do attitude and be up for any challenge that a job may bring.

What opportunities can Extra Personnel offer to applicants?

At our Walsall industrial recruitment agency, we always have a great selection of job openings for applicants. Industrial and transport are the two main areas our Walsall agency targets. In the transport sector, we are always on the look-out for quality Class 1 and Class 2 HGV drivers. In the industrial sector, most of the job openings are in roles such as pickers, packers and warehouse operatives. There are usually a range of contracts on offer from full to part-time or temporary positions. If you are a job-seeker, give us a call today to find out more!

If you are in the Walsall area of the UK and are looking for staff or work in the above industries, get in touch today on 01922 615488. We take our responsibilities to both clients and applicants very seriously so both always get the result they want. If either side ever has any issues or queries, we deal with them as quickly as possible and in line with current regulations. We value all the people we work with in and around the Walsall area, both applicants and businesses, and do all we can to give a service which shows that.

Give us a call today to find that perfect position or member of staff in Walsall.

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