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Warehouse Recruitment Walsall

25th May 2018

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Walsall Warehouse Recruitment

Extra Personnel warehouse recruitment in Walsall is experiencing rapid growth as the warehousing sector in and around Walsall is extremely dynamic. We offer skilled warehouse employees throughout the Walsall area, including Wednesbury, West Bromwich, Willenhall, Sutton Coldfield and Lichfield. Local employers know they can rely on our Walsall warehouse recruitment agency to supply the right teams of employees when demand is at a peak, and our outstanding business reputation goes to prove we deliver the goods.

Walsall warehouse recruitment is a breeze for savvy employers who partner with Extra Personnel to take on board the temporary and permanent staff that are needed to meet company growth and seasonal demand. We provide skilled warehouse employees across all sectors of business, including food, manufacturing, retail, and distribution. We work out of the Walsall area but provide staff throughout neighbouring towns.

We understand just how important it is to source the right types of employees for warehousing, that’s why our extensive screening of all applicants makes our warehouse recruitment agency within Walsall so popular with local employers. Extra Personnel prides itself on really getting to know candidates well, that way we can assess capabilities and strengths so that workers slot into different warehousing jobs easily. We recognise that employees recruited for warehouse work often need to work flexible shift patterns or night shifts and will only send job candidates that meet our clients’ specifications entirely.

The warehousing sector can be extremely fluid, with peaks and troughs throughout the year, so we work with all our employer clients to help assess and plan for any likely employment contingencies that could occur. That way we help smooth out the seasonal and peak demand periods for clients, as we’re ready and waiting to fill any employment gaps with skilled warehouse staff.

Using our Walsall warehouse recruitment agency

We recruit for temporary, contract, flexi, part-time and full-time permanent warehouse staff and can provide applicants that will be an exact fit for your needs. We have extensive expertise within the warehousing sector, so understand all the challenges faced by our employer clients. That way, we can handpick the best candidates to suit any type of warehouse role that’s requested. We know that modern warehousing entails much more than simply loading or unloading goods and source candidates with the right attitude and a professional approach so that they complement our clients’ existing workforce. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on (insert telephone number) to discuss your Walsall warehouse recruitmentneeds in full. We’ll be happy to speak with you and provide solutions to any staffing problems you may have in Walsall or its surrounds.

Extra Personnel are committed to providing the best service to all our clients while ensuring that the legal employment requirements and needs of our candidates are met in full. We build long-term relationships with our clients on the basis of trust and respect. Get in touch with us today to talk about warehouse recruitment in Walsall and the surrounding areas.

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Industrial Recruitment Walsall

25th May 2018

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Industrial Recruitemt Agency Walsall

At Extra Personnel we have the best industrial recruitment services in Walsall. Our professional and welcoming team are experts in industrial recruitment and are ready to help you find staff or work in this sector, fast. Our Walsall office is in the centre of the town to make it easy to find us.

Why Choose us?

When choosing an industrial recruitment agency in Walsall, you have plenty of choices. If you want the best support to find staff or work fast, then we are the people to trust! Our dedicated team of consultants work closely with a range of businesses in the region to source work opportunities for our applicants. This has allowed us to develop superb personal relationships with many of the top companies to provide incredible results. We are very proud of the way we work with both clients and applicants to meet the needs of both.

As the Walsall industrial recruitment agency to count on, we have a vast knowledge of every industrial business we work with. This is essential to the unique way in which we operate as it allows us to tailor the staffing solutions we offer, based on what we have observed and discussed. Our standards are kept sky-high at all times to make sure you always get the best service and best results for your organisation’s staffing needs.

When you let Extra Personnel help, you can rely on the best industrial recruitment agency in Walsall to come to the rescue.

Quality industrial recruitment Walsall

Our varied range of clients includes businesses from all across the industrial recruitment spectrum. From small start-ups who need some help to larger companies that encompass huge processing facilities, we deal with it all. Whatever size or type of industrial business you run, our talented consultants will work with you to meet your staffing needs. This involves listening carefully to what you want in staff so we can find the perfect people for you.

As part of our staffing strategy, we will carry out thorough interviews with each applicant to fully know their skills and experience. Naturally, we only hire the most honest, hard-working and reliable applicants to help your staffing levels. Our perfect candidate must have a positive, can-do attitude and be up for any challenge that a job may bring.

What opportunities can Extra Personnel offer to applicants?

At our Walsall industrial recruitment agency, we always have a great selection of job openings for applicants. Industrial and transport are the two main areas our Walsall agency targets. In the transport sector, we are always on the look-out for quality Class 1 and Class 2 HGV drivers. In the industrial sector, most of the job openings are in roles such as pickers, packers and warehouse operatives. There are usually a range of contracts on offer from full to part-time or temporary positions. If you are a job-seeker, give us a call today to find out more!

If you are in the Walsall area of the UK and are looking for staff or work in the above industries, get in touch today on 01922 615488. We take our responsibilities to both clients and applicants very seriously so both always get the result they want. If either side ever has any issues or queries, we deal with them as quickly as possible and in line with current regulations. We value all the people we work with in and around the Walsall area, both applicants and businesses, and do all we can to give a service which shows that.

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Industrial Recruitment Tamworth

27th March 2018

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Industrial Recruitment Agency Tamworth

Our Tamworth team provides first class industrial recruitment services across the West Midlands and Staffordshire. As well as Tamworth itself we cover nearby locations. This includes Birch Coppice, Halesfield, Dordon, Atherstone and nearby industrial estates (e.g Tame Valley, Lichfield Road and Amington). Our professional industrial recruitment Tamworth consultants work with a vast array of businesses. We achieve consistently good results and work very hard to nurture excellent relationships with our clients and applicants. A good overall knowledge of every industrial business we handle is the key to what we do. We use everything we have observed, discussed and planned to implement strategic staffing solutions. At all times we collaborate with our clients and ensure we keep lines of communication open. We provide high standards in industrial recruitment in Tamworth and efficiently manage your staffing requirements. With Extra Personnel Tamworth industrial recruitment you are in safe and trusted hands!

Industrial Recruitment Tamworth

At our Tamworth industrial recruitment agency we deal with a range of companies, spanning different industrial fields. From small family run businesses to massive production facilities our Tamworth industrial recruitment consultants will tailor a staffing strategy to suit you. We carry out in depth interviews with every applicant, getting to know their skill-set, experience, work ethic and availability. We only want to hire reliable and enthusiastic workers. Our ideal industrial recruitment Tamworth candidate has a positive, professional attitude and will step up to a challenge. At our industrial recruitment agency in Tamworth we offer a good selection of opportunities for job seekers. An important portion of our work at Extra Personnel Tamworth is the automotive industry. Every day we submit at least 200 low to medium skilled workers to nearby car manufacturing facilities. Our work also spans other sectors, including large scale food production, packaging and horticulture. Industrial recruitment Tamworth relies on unconventional working schedules and terms. Although we recruit full-time permanent positions, flexi-work, night shifts, temporary contracts and weekend hours are commonplace. We acknowledge how vital these employment arrangements are to industry and are perfectly positioned to recruit applicants on these conditions.

Tamworth Industrial Recruitment Agency

We take our responsibility to our candidates just as seriously as we do to our clients. An awareness of ethical practice and current employment legislation is paramount. We deal promptly with disputes, unprofessional behaviour and complaints. Salaries are fair and in line with national averages. Whatever the position, we value all our workers at Extra Personnel Tamworth industrial recruitment. There is high demand for low skilled blue collar workers. This includes factory labourers, assembly operatives and production staff. We regularly list more technical positions, such as fork lift truck drivers, welders and machinists. Higher level managerial and specialist technical appointments are also within our scope. Vocational and academic qualifications are not usually necessary but can be an advantage.

Extra Personnel Tamworth industrial recruitment has a fantastic reputation with local companies. We are a dependable choice and respected by clients and candidates alike. Browse our job vacancy pages and get in touch today to see what our industrial recruitment agency Tamworth can do for you.

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Industrial Recruitment Coventry

27th March 2018

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Industrial Recruitment Agency Coventry

Extra Personnel Coventry industrial recruitment covers large swathes of the West Midlands and Warwickshire for industrial recruitment services. Recognised as the go-to industrial recruitment agency in Coventry we hire personnel for businesses in the city as well as in surrounding areas. This includes Nuneaton, Leicester, Hinckley, Warwick and Leamington Spa. Our industrial recruitment Coventry operation is professional, efficient and gets thing done! We value strong client relationships and always spend the time getting to know businesses inside-out. Doing this enables us to provide the right staffing solutions and help increase productivity.

Industrial Recruitment Coventry

The range and size of the companies we work with in industrial recruitment Coventry is extensive. We welcome business ranging from small family run concerns and medium-sized production facilities, all the way up to huge scale industrial enterprise. Our objective is to work closely with clients to source, select and appoint staff to suit their requirements. Our consultants at Extra Personnel Coventry industrial recruitment agency take the time to thoroughly interview every applicant we deal with. We get to know our candidates as individuals and find out about their background, skills, expectations and availability. This allows us to place candidates confidently into job roles ranging from basic unskilled labourers to technical operatives and managerial appointments. Everybody is valued and respected at Extra Personnel Coventry industrial recruitment. We acknowledge all jobs are integral to the overall success of a business. We work very hard to keep both our clients and our workers happy at all times. Due to the nature of the industrial sector many of the opportunities available at our industrial recruitment agency in Coventry require unconventional work patterns. Full-time permanent roles are available but temporary contracts, night shifts, weekend hours, part-time and seasonal job vacancies are typical. We look for people who can adapt to these habits and have a flexible outlook. Salaries for industrial recruitment Coventry reflect national averages. Minimum wage legislation is strictly observed and pay often exceeds this. Integrity is key to our company ethos; clients and applicants can feel safe that their interests will be taken care of. We are here to resolve any disputes or employment queries, and handle staff appraisals at our clients’ discretion.

Coventry Industrial Recruitment Agency

Our listed job vacancies for industrial recruitment Coventry are updated daily. Job specs vary considerably. Unskilled factory labourers or assembly operatives feature regularly. More technical or roles needing experience also appear frequently. This includes fork lift truck drivers, returns administrators, press operatives and welders. Sales, purchasing and managerial opportunities are also covered. Most of the advertised industrial recruitment Coventry positions do not ask for formal qualifications, but obviously these can be an advantage. We recruit into a range of industrial sectors, spanning automotive, horticulture, manufacturing, food production and many more.

Extra Personnel Coventry industrial recruitment is a reliable and highly experienced option for clients and candidates alike. With excellent local contacts, approachable consultants and a professional outlook, you are sure you will be satisfied with our results. Please browse our current listings now to see what we can offer you.

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Industrial Recruitment Rugby

27th March 2018

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Industrial Recruitemtn Agency Rugby

Our Rugby office concentrates on industrial recruitment. We have a dedicated industrial recruitment Rugby team who value close working relationships with both clients and candidates. Extra Personnel Rugby industrial recruitment supports a wide cross section of local businesses with their staffing needs. We take the time to get to know in detail every business we deal with and always build strong professional relationships. A good working knowledge of a company’s workload, including any highs and lows, is pivotal. This ensures we can offer the right staffing solutions, give the appropriate advice and supervise improvement strategies. Mutual respect and good lines of communication are at the core of all of our contracts. Our work takes us into a variety of companies within Rugby, but also a little further afield in to Crick, Lutterworth, Daventry and Dirst. Industrial recruitment Rugby is proactive in nearby industrial estates, including Magna Park, too.

Industrial Recruitment Rugby

We are an established and trusted industrial recruitment agency within Rugby. Working hand in hand with our clients we offer significant numbers of opportunities for medium to low skilled workers. Factory labourers, machinists and assembly operatives are other typical jobs. More technical or experienced positions feature regularly too, such as fork lift truck drivers and welders. Managerial, sales personnel and more experienced appointments can also be roles we are looking to fill. Saying that, the lion’s share of what we do at Extra Personnel Rugby industrial recruitment is sourcing, selecting and appointing dependable workers for short-term contracts. On a day to day basis we generally place many hundreds in work. Our vacancies range across industry sectors and include the automotive industry, food production, e-commerce, horticulture and manufacturing. One thing that most industrial recruitment roles share is the demand for flexibility. Although permanent full time appointments do come up, a large percentage of opportunities are on a temporary, part-time, seasonal, weekend or night shift basis. We are always looking for workers who are adaptable and can work unsociable hours. With industry this is to tackle peak and off-peak periods, unexpected workload fluctuations and increasing productivity around the clock.

Rugby Industrial Recruitment Agency

Human resource management is a responsibility that we take very seriously at our Rugby industrial recruitment agency. We value our clients and candidates alike and treat everyone we deal with fairly, professionally and with integrity. All jobs, regardless of level or pay grade, are acknowledged as integral to the success of a business. At all times we promote ethical employment practices in line with Extra Personnel policy. Salaries and contractual terms measure up positively to national averages. All positions pay at least the National Minimum Wage, and many salaries will be notably higher. Most jobs on offer at our Rugby industrial recruitment agency do not require formal qualifications or training but obviously these can be an advantage.

Our Rugby industrial recruitment vacancies are updated daily. Please take a look at our current listings to get an idea of what our organisation can offer. We pride ourselves on our first rate customer service and look forward to helping you or your business achieve great results.

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