Packaging Cost Reduction

There is no doubt that packing products in cardboard boxes is an essential part of day to day business operations, but at what cost? As a result of several paper price increases the cost of new cardboard boxes has escalated at an alarming rate and with further increases in the pipeline the outlook is gloomy to say the least!

As it becomes increasingly difficult to pass on price increases, the race is on to reduce costs… but how? Most cardboard box manufacturers have similar costs for paper, energy, transportation etc. so achieving substantial cost reductions is near impossible, so what’s the alternative?

Before answering the question, consider this. Do you really need to buy expensive, new cardboard boxes to ship your products? If it is purely a transit box to deliver your products safely to your customers, why buy a brand new box when a used box will do the same job but cheaper. Want to hear more? Then it’s time to talk to Sadlers.

Sadlers are the UK’s largest supplier of used cardboard boxes, shipping millions of items to thousands of customers throughout the UK and Ireland. They have a massive stock range in a wide variety of sizes and board grades. Their prices are substantially lower than cardboard box manufacturers Gavin Sadler, who is part of the third generation of Sadlers says “We are trying to raise awareness of the benefits of shipping in used boxes. We can deliver substantial price reductions without compromising quality.”

To reinforce their claims Sadlers have just launched a range of once used cardboard storage boxes that are perfect for storage and warehousing operations.

Gavin says “We are really excited to launch this range which is a departure from the standard boxes we usually market. The boxes, which are of an open top style with lids, are perfect for storage of product in racks or on pallets, or to be used for work in progress. Most importantly they are very cheap, we anticipate a 60% cost saving compared to brand new equivalent.”

As well as appealing to customers looking to reduce their packaging costs, Sadlers also help companies enhance the financial return from their cardboard waste. By encouraging the segregation of reusable boxes.

Gavin adds “The baled cardboard market has seen substantial price drops this year so now is the time to divert used cardboard boxes to reuse. It is easy to set up and requires little or no extra effort compared to baling.”

Sadlers pay substantially higher rates than processors of baled cardboard and will fix the price for the long term.

Whether you are buying boxes or selling boxes Sadlers appear to have a competitive solution