Warehouse Recruitment Coventry

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Warehouse Recruitment Coventry

Extra Personnel Coventry deals with significant levels of Warehouse recruitment. From our base in the town centre we act as a warehouse recruitment agency within Coventry and cover Warwickshire and the West Midlands. This includes Nuneaton, Hinckley and Leicester. Our dedicated warehouse recruitment Coventry account managers have substantial experience in this sector. We know how important an efficient and adequately staffed warehouse is to our clients’ businesses. It is our policy to treat all of our clients as individuals and get to know their business completely. Whether your business is distribution, food, manufacturing or retail, we are able to recruit the right people for your organisation. Our Warehouse recruitment Coventry team are on hand to find solutions to your staffing requirements, suggest improvements, handle appraisals and manage peak / off-peak demand periods. At all times our objective is to promote good warehouse practice and increase productivity. Do not underestimate the benefits that a carefully chosen workforce can bring to your business.

The working relationship we have with our applicants atExtra Personnel warehouse recruitment Coventry is important to our overall success and consistently high standards. As with our clients, our interaction with candidates is built on trust, mutual respect and getting to know every individual. This is done through a detailed interview process. We want to learn all about an applicant’s strengths, experience and skills. In this way we are confident that expectations are met and Key Performance Indicators are high. Safeguarding the welfare of employees is also crucial to Extra Personnel Coventry warehouse recruitment. We are focused on maintaining our excellent ethical record and stringently follow all current employment legislation.

Coventry Warehouse Recruitment

Our recruitment style always specifically targets whichever organisation we are working for. As a large, well-established consultancy for warehouse recruitment Coventry, we have excellent contacts within and knowledge of local industry and their company procedures. We understand the fluidity of warehouse environments and will respond effectively to changing circumstances. For instance seasonal factors have a big effect on many sectors of the food industry. Produce needs to be harvested, stored and distributed in different quantities at different times of the year. The same is true for Coventry warehouse recruitment in retail businesses. Peak times like Christmas, Mothers’ Day and Valentines mean increased warehouse staffing to manage greater demand. This is why we are a warehouse recruitment agency within Coventry that is flexible and adapts to fluctuations in any business. Depending on what any particular organisation needs, we can recruit full or part-time members of staff, temporary and flexi workers and day or night shift operatives. Weekend or Bank Holiday hours could also be strategically catered for.

Coventry Warehouse Recruitment Agency

The range of available work at our Coventry warehouse recruitment agency is extensive, from basic warehouse operatives to managerial staff. We look for initiative, attention- to-detail and professional behaviour. Warehouse work is fast-paced, challenging and rewarding. Take a look through our current vacancies to see what our warehouse recruitment Coventry department could offer you or your company. Call today on 01733 554 646 for more information.

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